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Be a part of the Hunting Retriever Club today! HRC offers a multitude of resources and events for Hunters looking to take their game to the next level.

What is HRC

The Hunting Retriever Club is a Non-Profit, totally volunteer national organization offering outdoor fun and fellowship to its participants.

About HRC

2023 Annual Board of Directors Meeting

June 9th & 10th, St Louis, MO - Make your reservations today!!

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Proposed Constitutional Amendments

There are two proposed amendments to the HRC Inc. Constitution and Bylaws that will be voted on at the Board of Directors meeting in June.  All club presidents were sent a copy of the proposed changes in their Board Meeting informatoin email.  The summarized changes are:

  1. Adding the most recent past President as a 5th member of the Executive Committee
  2. Making Running Rules Reps a position appointed by the Executive Committee

Details can be found in the complete document linked below.  

Proposal Documents

Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Registration packets will be going out to Club Presidents & Committee members during the week of 4/22.  If you do not receive a packet, please reach out to Tammy to make sure your correct email address is on file.   The deadline for hotel reservations at the reduced rate is 5/17/2023.

We hope all clubs will make an effort to attend.  If you are unable to make it, please be sure to send another club member or assign your club's vote to an eligible proxy holder.  There will be 2 proposed ammendments to the HRC Consitution & Bylaws voted on at the meeting.  A copy of the proposed changes are included with the club packets and will be posted here as soon at the emails go out to the clubs.  

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